Moving to Canterbury to study soon? Looking for the right student accommodation dependent on your university campus? Well, it’s a bigger city than you may think, and with three universities taking over the town, there are plenty of student areas to find your ideal home.

Whether you’re at University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University or University of the Creative Arts, there is somewhere for in this historical, vibrant city.

Your choice of accommodation would really depend on whether you’re a first year looking to stay university provided halls, or you’re a second year looking to move into your first shared accommodation.

With this in mind, here are some of the most popular areas of Canterbury for student living, dissected by Campuslet


Christchurch Favourites 


Wincheap Accommodation

  • A simple walk right out of Canterbury East station and you’ll find yourself in what you may find strangely a heavily populated student area in Canterbury.
  • On the busy A28 Wincheap Road lies various student housing, from flats to houses. With an industrial estate in the background, don’t be fooled, it’s just a short walk to the shops and nightlife and one of the most popular student venues in Canterbury – Club Chemistry.
  • For CCCU students, your walk to campus will take just 15 minutes, whilst University of Kent students will have to endure a longer 35 minute walk.
  • If you’re looking for the nearest supermarket – you’ll want to stop off a Morrison’s, a 5 minute walk at max depending on where you live on the road.

Check out Wincheap accommodation here.

Parham Student Village

  • Without a doubt, Parham is one of the most popular places to live in Canterbury for students. Just 1 mile north of the city centre, it’s accessible to shops, restaurants and of course, the night life - which we know is a major factor in student life
  • CCCU’s campus is just a 15 minute walk from Parham, whilst University of Kent is a bit of a longer stretch but not a troubled distance of 30 minutes by foot.
  • The property is purpose-built for students, laid out in single houses and flats. So the choice is yours, rent alone and mingle in, or share with friends.
  • There are also several private rented accommodation in this area as its just off Sturry Road (see Sturry Road)
  • To grab your shopping you’re looking at a 4 minute walk to ASDA. Nice.


University of Kent Favorites

Hales Place Accommodation

  • Situated close to Kent Uni, Hales Place in the north of the city which has a high population of uni students. Full of highly suitable flats and houses, this is a great option for 2nd or 3rd year students.
  • Hales Place is close to Tyler footpath so you’ll find it very convenient to get to and from the Kent university campus without too much of a struggle.  
  • If you’re studying at University of Kent, then you’ll find it to be the ideal accommodation. Whilst if you’re a CCCU student, it may just be a bit too far out for you at 40-45 minutes walking distance.

St Stephens Accommodation

  • St. Stephen’s Hill is a main section of road connecting Canterbury City Centre to Tyler Hill, 
  • This area is heavily populated with UKC students as it’s just a 5 minute walk to the university campus
  • Your best bet for food here is the Sainsbury’s or the University of Kent depending on which end of the Hill you’re at!

Check out accommodation close to Kent University.


The Hidden Gems

Canterbury is full of great pockets of private housing in some very convenient locations. Here are our top picks:

Sturry Road

  • You can find some real hidden gems dotted around Sturry road – a very convenient location with plenty of side roads (Glenside Avenue, New Town Street, and Regency Place). 
  • Only a 10 minute walk to Canterbury Christchurch university
  • Similarly to Parham road, Sturry road is a mile out from the City Centre and is accessible via pretty much every bus route – great for a bit of shopping!
  • Less than 5-10 minute walk to Sainsbury’s or ASDA

Spring Lane

 A great location if you don’t mind a bit more of a walk – 20 minutes from the Christchurch Campus



Nobody wants a long slog in the rain to catch a 9am lecture. Check out these walking distances to major Canterbury landmarks before making your decision:

  • Canterbury Christ Church University - Parham 15 minute walk, Wincheap 15 minute walk, Hales Place, 40 minute walk, Sturry Road, 10-15 minute walk. Spring lane 16 minute walk.
  • University of Kent - Parham 30 minute walk, Wincheap 35 minute walk, Hales Place 10 minute walk, St Stephens Hill 7 minute walk, Sturry road 39 minute walk.
  • Canterbury East Station - Parham 30 minute walk, Wincheap 2 minute walk, Hales Place 40 minute walk, Sturry Road 36 minute walk.
  • Canterbury West Station - Parham 20 minute walk, Wincheap 20 minute walk, Hales Place 20 minute walk

Still not sure of where to live in Canterbury?

There is plenty of available accommodation throughout the year so make sure you take time to make an informed decision. One thing’s for sure, that when it comes to finding student accommodation in Canterbury, Campuslet will help you in finding the perfect location. On offer is great value accommodation, handy tenancy guiding and connections with great local landlords.

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