Moving out of halls is a great feeling – you’re no longer sharing a flat with strangers, you don’t have to think about university inspections, and you get an increased sense of independence. There’s only one dilemma – where are you going to live now?

Whether you go to University of Kent (UKC) or Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), there’s a great variety of brilliant accommodation all around the city. So gather your mates and decide where you want to spend the rest of your uni life.


When you’re choosing a flat it’s good to think about your priorities. Are you a shopaholic who just has to be close to the high street, or do you want to be able to stumble home from the club with ease?

You should also think about how far you are from your uni – a 45 minute walk might not seem too bad now, but when it’s raining and you’ve got a lecture at 9am you’re going to wish you chose a flat a bit closer.

Canterbury has great bus links throughout the city, but you can save your cash for other things by living within easy walking distance of your campus.

Speaking of cash, Canterbury is a great city for students because of how affordable accommodation is – you’ll pay more for certain areas but there are amazing options to suit every budget.


If you’re studying at UKC, you’ll notice that most of your friends are gravitating in certain areas of the city. Following the herd can be a good thing here – students know when they can find a great deal on flats and living in a student area can be a lot of fun.

Hales Place – This is probably the most popular area for UKC students. Flats and houses are reasonably priced, there are lots of shops and takeaways nearby to cater for the student residents (cheesy chips at the end of a night out, anyone?) and it’s just a ten minute walk from the university. There’s also an ASDA within walking distance so you’ll never be caught short with nothing in the fridge.

St Stephen’s Hill – Another awesome place for UKC students. It’ll take you only five minutes to get to campus (great for those early starts!) and all your mates will be close by. There’s also a Sainsbury’s for late-night food runs or stocking up on shopping when your parents come to visit.

St Dunstan’s  - If you’re a bit more a homebody and prefer a quiet night in over a trip to the union, St Dunstan’s is a quieter student area that’s still only a 20 minute walk to campus.

London Road Estate – Just 15 minute walk away from campus, this area is great for finding larger houses (4+ bedrooms) if you’re especially popular or want to enter into a house share.

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If you’re at CCCU, you’ve got numerous great options for accommodation throughout the city. From the densely populated Wincheap to the hidden gems near Sturry Road, there’s plenty to choose from that will suit everyone.

Wincheap – This is probably where the largest number of CCCU students choose to settle. It’s got nice but affordable accommodation and great transport links to the rest of town –and beyond, because Canterbury East station is only a short walk away. Wincheap is close to all the major student nightlife and shops and just a 15 minute walk from campus, making it the best option for party-goers and studiers alike.

Parham Student Village – The clue’s in the name! The accommodation here is purposely built with students in mind, meaning you can get varied numbers of bedrooms to accommodate all your mates in either a house or flat. It’s a short 15 minute walk into campus, and an even shorter walk to reach shopping and nightlife in Canterbury city centre.

Sturry Road and Northgate – One of the lesser-known student areas, the surrounding streets are great for CCCU students who want to be a bit closer to the university – it’s a ten minute walk to class, and like Parham, it’s just a mile away from the main hub of Canterbury shops and nightlife.

City Centre – If you want to be right in the action, the city centre has student accommodation available – but be warned, flats tend to be much more expensive in this area and are sometimes smaller than what you would find in Wincheap or Parham.


No matter which university you go to, with a little bit of hunting, doing your research and knowing your priorities, you’ll find a great house or flat that will truly feel like home.